Monday, 17 September 2012

retard pieces are flying around..

new chapter of my little journey in being tyra ismail. no more stupid tears, no more stupid minded, and no more stupid thingy. hey amir, thanks for the shoulders that u've lent to me. all the problems that u heard of, u're too nice for it. really appreciate that lil buddy. keep it tightly safe in ur pocket. the things that i've done on that darkest night ever. hopefy, thats the last night should be. yet still tak tawu the next and the next and the next day after all. berulang lagi ker benda tu? i don't think so. forget it.

2:00AM and still right in front of the capt toshiba's screen. miss u a lot or more? keep looking at you everyday. tak sempat nak rindu dah hadap uols lah capt. ecan dah tido melawat sakan si syamim bagai dah tu. aku nampak kau senyum can. hahah. eh totally start a new one fine day!

Six letters, two words, easy to say, hard to explain, and harder to do: move on :)

semalam aku gila lemah, semalam aku gila bodoh, semalam aku gila mengada, semalam aku gila jahanam. hari ney aku baru sedar, hari ney aku baru tawu, hari ney aku baru paham, hari ney aku baru terjaga, hari ney baru aku berfikir. waiting for someone is not my style. love someone too hard is not my style. desperate for someone is not my style. force someone doing something is not my style. praise someone too much is not my style. let someone treat me like a rubbish is totally not my style. fortunately, im awake in a gloomy evening. the dumbest things i ever done after all. let myself flowing in a stinky bank.

tomorrow might be a very blast day after all! no more a stupid part of me. that part is fucking suck. im not gonna miss you bitch! stay afar. i don't need you dear stupid tyra. oh my schizo pieces of me are slowly coming back. hey hamdan, i know u miss me a lot aite. hahah, see u're my die hard fan lah! nak sign kat mana? on your bloody ass? okay then, get me a permanent marker pen. i'll give my very best signature ever lol. im not megan fox, but will always be ur terribly annoying tyra monster. thats my real identity. geli much with tyra yang sickly weak!

6 kilos off? u're totally awesome aiman. ur diet run smoothly. wanna try lah. protein for a month. okay here i go. hahah. im working out for my very own eating style. oat for everyday. and its totally work. i love it. as u know lah kan, aku nak badan acah acah megan fox. gila hot. she's got six-pack too yaw! hahah ..sikit lagi nak macam tu? memang aminnnnn, alhamdulillah ..oh hohoho. kau stalk kat mana aku tak tawu but the statement is really killing me. sumpah nyaris aku tak menjerit! am i hot enough. oh im not good enough yet. *mirror reflection* hahahah

naik bas pukul 1030 but still nak update blog. well, its not good biarkan anak aku tak berjaga. i should give this little blog some words lah. to inspire jadi lagi matang macam aku. urghh aku dah merepek. got any idea to share here huh setan setan tetek tetek ?

nota kaki: salesgirl kat sasa ecm sumpah cun. friendly pulak tu. *suddenly saying*


  1. buka buku baru, lupakan yang lepas ambil sahaja pengajaraannya.. be a good girl key syg... keep moving forward okay