Tuesday, 26 November 2013


as I'm in my bestie house and her house got a super-fast internet connection so I think why not I have a short time for my blog. I don't know what to speak about actually but I just want to update it. I'm so boring since that girl already asleep. Ouh man, and I just can't.

Well I got a lot of story, I just don't know where to start. I think I should have a new blog so that I don't feel awkward to reveal my personal thingy. what should I do to this blog.

Should I delete it or shouldn't. I'm so confuse.

Why am I changing. I used to feel nothing when it came to update my blog. I just put all the things that I want. But now......

aku rasa dah malu nak share lol.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

For God sake, Haziq again?


Hahahah. the tittle seems like you're not get over yet Tira. It seems desperate. LOL. macam nak kena tampar seraya berkata..


As I went through the internet and checking my Facebook account, I accidentally clicked my blog which is this one. Well it's been a long time since I did. It's been a long long time since my last time visited it. poor you baby. so today why not I update something on my blog. It's not much but yeah let's put something to make it alive. it still alive, but kinda sick.

I'm sick of this kind of thing. this medium of writing is used to be my main place for me to voice out all my stupidity. I share everything, anything, and everybody just came here and read it and judge me. some people seems like they love my writing, yet still some of them didn't. it's nothing much since I was a little silly girl who love to update my stupid blog. budak budak sekolah sangat.

but today, I think I have nothing to share well I have but I just don't feel like I want to. I'm tired and I don't feel like it's a must for me to update. Not like before, the time when I thought everything is crucial for me to share. The feeling is dimmer day by day. 

I think I'm growing up.

Oh one more thing, for those who still searching for a keyword that related to Haziq Bakeri I'm truly sorry for those blogposts since they were my immature thought. It was before. So now if you're really curious, we're done. I'm done. Nothing more. It's nothing between us. Actually deep inside I hate the way my friends play with the things that relate to us, yeah they used to. I miss him, but it's not like I want him back. I don't even have any feeling towards him. Not anymore. I was mad, but now I'm not. I feel better now, it was stupid when I cried over a guy. Well you know, I was younger and idiot. I think I better stop to talk about him because it's over.

Last night, I watched The Notebook and it was really heart touching. The movie is really good and I'd love to watch it back. Well at least I still know how to cry and knowing that I'm not yet a heartless person, it's more than enough! Imma happy kid.

What exactly I want to say here is do I have to dispose this blog or just ignore this thing and 10 years later open this blog and smile to myself. It's kinda memory aite. Humph!

Friday, 23 August 2013

You need to care. Could you?

pagi pagi lagi dah kena tegur dengan madam pah. macam kena cucuk cucuk jer hati. senak jiwa aku. memang dah agak kena present first group. dah agak sangat. frankly speak, memang aku sendiri pun tak puas hati dengan tahap presentation aku. minggu nie memang banyak task ngan assignment kena siapkan. aku settle kan proposal semua dulu baru start buat task madam pah. cuba bagitau aku bila masa nak baca point by point at the slide briefly? sampai pukul 2 jugak la buat slide, cari info walhal JDT. tak larat nak baca sampai lewat pagi lagi. segan dengan classmates sebab kena marah macam budak sekolah. tak pandai nak introduce groupies. aku pun rasa aku ting tong jer macam introduce main tunjuk tunjuk. serious rasa macam fool. malu tak bagi my best. serious malu. humph. i'm kind of sorry madam, it was unintended. i'll never do it again.

something has changed. teacher tira in making is not a kind of it anymore. teacher tira can't teach lil kids since teacher tira doesn't have that qualification. humph. aku kena tukar tempat LI aku sebabnya aku takde kelayakan nak mengajar. tahap diploma jer lagipun kan. so, few days before i asked my aunt was her company where she's working is available for training student. unfortunately, it wasn't. takpe la. 

so where do i have to go? i chose MPH bookstore. one of my roommates, azim called the HR and asked lotsa things..and finally i just grab that opportunity and pick that place as i had no time to think other places. mana?

MPH Mid Valley.
This is where i hope that i can be there for the first three months next year. disebabkan kat Mid Valley, so aku memutuskan untuk stay dengan emok sedaghe. naik train pegi Mid Valley. meet up dengan azim dekat KL Sentral. tak tau nak cakap apa, sebab i'm not so excited when talking about this practical thingy. aku takut aku tak boleh survive, takut tak boleh nak adapt.

resume baru jer submit tadi, dapat pengesahan semua dari sir aliff terus direct jumpa encik azhari submit resume bagai. next week bila dapat approval terus email kat MPH. hopefully that the two of us can be in a same place. tak awkward sangat nanti nak mula keja.

bila semakin membesar nie, aku rasa macam lagi payah jer nak stay alive successfully. banyak tanggungjawab nak kena hadap. study jauh lagi senang. aku dah penat bila pikir pikir.

kerja? i wish that i could turn back and return to the old days.