Monday, 1 October 2012

Ouch, you're totally tough dear October!

welcome October!
this month will be the toughest month ever! with a lot of assignments and tests! i've already given 3 assignments before, and sincerely saying here that my dear Nadya and i have done one of them. it is of course the pairwork assignment, MPW's report bab minyak pengasih uols. hahah. and u guess what we got at this very nice goody-doody evening? we've told by lecturers that we are going to hadap test dimana 8 hari bulan tersebut adalah hari dimana jugak weols have to submit all the dearly assignments! done 1, got 1 new. package apakah itu lulz.

oh few weeks left to hit the books and succeed. ohmaaiii ..bila nak start akak oi. bila nak bukak buku then read all the notes that have been written by dearly me. why u so lazy huh. oh how about the assignment things? you really not a good daughter. you should know that! buat lah sikit. dear mak and ayah, sorry for getting me being your daughter. you have no other choices but just accepting what i am today. well you got an idiot as ur daughter. hoho, and i think thats kinda interesting. i'll make you laugh sampai belly meletup! i love u mak ayah :)

final examination just around the corner. stop goofing off and pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee open up your books! dont you love me as your very own yourself huh tyra?

why why why. currently enjoying ecan's hi-iron biscuits. it's really tasty. thanks ecan! you know what, its totally sure that this week is no 'life' word in my daily dictionary. just stand with it and stay awesome. ouch. teringat our plan nak celebrate birthday nanti. oh aku just meraikan mereka mereka ini. oh budak bilik. kawan kawan permainan katilku. cant wait for that moment uols!

8th October, 2012.
this date gonna be the best day after all. adakah aku akan terkubur sebelum hari raya haji sebagai akibat terlalu banyak menaip karangan essay? oh mai bahasa. adakah aku akan membasi dan membusuk di KPM ini kerana kekurangan free-time or masa senggang in its very very own nice language. ah, per seth tan sahaja. just forget all the bebelan and start working all night long..perhaps.

wishlist: one of them :')
nota kaki: inginku gapai bulan dan kupetik bintang. inginku berikan semuanya hanya untuk diriku sahaja :)


  1. Sound like u are going to have a very tough October.. me too as well ^^
    So Good luck to all of us~

    1. hehek ..yeah! sangat tough lol ..
      okay wish we're going to have a blast month :D

  2. biaselah tu sis... oct coming i make me pain ...whtever ur blog is superb

    1. thanks for the compliment ! hehe :)