Wednesday, 31 July 2013

They'll never understand.

semalam. aku ada something nak meroyan semalam kat sini. tapi lepas bukak puasa, settle tanggungjawab apa semua langsung lupa apa story nya. kekenyangan maybe. bila waktu bukak puasa jer mesti ada cerita baru. disebabkan aku lupa, so aku delay la cerita tu. kot la hari nie ingat. dan before i had a deep sleep yesterday, aku pun teringat apa aku nak gebang sangat semalam.

hari ini. aku rasa cerita semalam macam lame sangat kalau aku nak sebut sebut. sebab semua tu were the cases happened during my last semester. but some people still bercakap cakap pasal tu. terasa sedikit bara bila aku dengar balik semalam. aku sabar. aku terus cuba ingat ingat ada tak ayat yang aku baca before nie yang boleh buat aku sedap sikit hati. and it is. one said that..

"People never remember the million times you've helped them, only the one time you don't."

so, i ignored it and continue playing game. i was playing game during that time. aku bukak puasa makan cekodok jer semalam, sambil tangan sibuk la pegang mouse main game semua. aku malas nak ungkit sebab that person asked me to never have a word about that thing since then. i didn't want any other problems so i put silencer on my lips. for what do you guess? aku taknak buang masa atas benda yang bangang macam tu effect study aku kat sini. but now what happen to the promise that we've made before? sape yang kepochi?

sedar diri dan muhasabah lah. aku tak pernah senang nak paham orang. semua orang ada kerenah, tapi this person is beyond the normal phase. sukar untuk ku mengerti. you used to be my inspiration. stop by there. titik.

2 messages received.

i opened them and read thoroughly. one from my ex-boyfie named syarani but dubbed as ali. while another one by unknown. raw number appeared at the screen. and it was celcom i bet since the initial number is zero one nine. Ali asked me to have my home address, why dude? nak post kad raya maybe. since home address is kinda confidential so it's a no-no respond. sorry for that. haaa that unknown one, i really don't get the idea on who the hack was that. i called, but no respond. sucha fool. tak reti nak tekan butang mana kot bila phone bunyi. let it be.

tadi. serious rasa lain macam. bersalah maybe kat aiman. budak budak retard nie kena kena kan aku ngan dia. dia nak cari sir syahid comel, dorang boleh bising bising sebut nama aku. awkward gila. dah la lama tak sembang ngan aiman. kind of complicated sikit ngan dia. then they make such noises in front of others. pity me.

aiman, sorry sebab tadi. budak budak nie memang retard. dorang tak bersalah sebab dorang bingung banyak. maafkan kami.

and dear truck voice owner, how i wish i can keep your voice in a magic bottle. so once i need it i will open up the cork and listen to yours.

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