Wednesday, 17 July 2013

new sems, new faces, new surrounding.

I don't have the courage to update a new blogpost, but suddenly I went to my crazeyh sista ecansenpai's blog and reading her new post about our old room. me is so sad when the post arrived at the pindah pindah part.

lotsa stories to tell and to share. just got no time, great tyra u're just know how to lie aite. actually i got lotsa times and it's nothing when thinking about updating this little blog..ouh how can I don't have any time for it. updating it is as easy as abc. hurm, I just don't have the courage to type. that's the real thing babe.

since i've begun my new semester on last few weeks, so u must have some ideas about what i wanna share. room, college, class, and even classmates stuff are listed in my "must-have" bloglist. cliche..

for the time being i'll hold the post about my room and my bed which is my territory since my pal ecansenpai has updated hers, i want to share about others first. college? it's okay. nothing special. class? just nice. the timetable is not so pack. still got masa yang lopong lopong untuk take a nap. hiiii.

how about classmates thingy? yeay. this is just amazing. finally aku dan beberapa org kawan lagi terpisah dengan classmates lama. you're confuse isn't it. why does it seem like i'm that happy. ehem ehem. the real happy moment is not about pisah pisah matter, tapi bila dapat classmates baru. new environment or surrounding that might gimme some opportunity to challenge myself to communicate in front of a different people. dah 4 semester bercakap dan present sth depan orang yang sama, macam tak challenging sebab dah selesa.

i'll be missing amir like alot. he'd inspired me to talk confidently in front of people. he convinced me that everyone is just a same with any other and nothing to fear of. thanks amir! :) fortunately, i met some people yang boleh dijadikan competitors dalam class baru. kalau dulu, fateh. memang takleh nak lawan, he's too good to beat. tapi dah selesa ngan dia dah tak rasa apa ngan dia, tak rasa insecure pun. this is the major reason that i really like my new class. ouh yer, i met someone too. hey aku suka kot suara dia. truckey-voice. yes it is. aku suka suara dia. suara truck. rare!

what more? ouh sekarang nie aku nak asah bagi tajam tajam skill komunikasi aku. aku nak fluent and confident bila interact ngan orang. i wish i will be one before my muet test, before my practical term..and bla bla bla. aminnn...

ouh sekarang bulan puasa kan, so happy ramadhan.

post takat nie jer mampu. maghrib dah. kbye.

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