Tuesday, 30 July 2013

The lost Alice.

wonderland is not a place that we can go easily. how about we just pay a visit? no way, it's totally a NO-NO situation since we ourselves can't prove it that the place is existed.

apa yang aku merepek nie. whatsoever. lets mingle around. together. lame!

hurm aku bukan Alice. dan sini bukan wonderland. aku Tira. dan sini Indera Mahkota. it's not so wonder. lalala.

i was eating my meal and it's break fasting moment when my roommate told me that those 3 divas kinda annoying ngan aku. what was my fault actually? i did nothing i guess since the day i met them. nothing. am i that annoying? my roommate said nothing, but still looking at me. takut la tu nak tambah lagi. geez!

she said that maybe those girls tak berapa selesa ngan aku punya air muka. hateful. kerek. berlagak. sombong. bajet. bagus. bla bla bla bla bla...

and i was like... what the f**k man! is it my fault that i was born with this kind of face? actually no one should be blamed on this thingy. it fated and i just love my look. so if you don't like me just don't look at me, we both will have a win-win situation. isn't it. 

this thing is not a new thing for me since whenever i go, everybody will mis-assume me. some people might say.. "Eh belagak nya budak nie. jeling jeling aku pulak. ingat lawa pandang aku macam tu."

others will say.. "Dia nie bukan boleh buat kawan. bajet. dia jer nak betul. konon bagus."

few people say.. "Dia nie cam interesting jer. nak try kenal laa. we're gonna be a good friend."

and it is RARELY words to be heard of. poor me.

so people, do know me first before you judge me. well anybody can judge me, i can't resist it. but how about you approach me first and make a brief assumption on who is the real me. boleh? :)

yes, i'm not a picture perfect. yet i'm still can cherish your day with my imperfect. you know what, i'm kinda retard and my friends really love my retardness. yes i know that we don't have that 'retardness' vocab in dictionary. well it's mine. it's my vocab. may learn lotsa new vocab when you befriend with me.

and hey you outa here. yes, you. the one who is reading this. approach me first and get to know me well, so that i can paint a happy smile on your face like every day.

in a nutshell, i love my monsterous arrogant face since no one like it. it's rare and i love to be different.

some words from me at very first day of class..

"I really don't know how to make friends. But once they befriend with me, they surely will love me."

and it's true. i never lied.

i've said it previously. trust no bitch, but trust me.

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