Monday, 1 April 2013

April Post.

You have no right to talk about your dream if you can't deal with things right in front of you.

Dear Me,

Wish for the best this April. Lotsa things to do, and I got no excuses to rely on. Forget people all around and concentrate on your task. You only got 1 option! to be the best that's mean get A's for all subjects and stunning on the stage next. That moment will come, what you have to do is work it out. No excuses, but enjoy your assignments. Don't push yourself, just do according your ability. You can challenge yourself, but don't force it. Do something with desire, it'll turn well. 

Bear in mind that you're cool, even you're vividly cool. Don't pretend if you don't like something, just burst it out. If you do so, you'll ruin yourself. It gives you heartache, and you'll never satisfy. Remember, what you do now is for future. And if you don't do it now, you'll regret. 

Listen to me, don't be too nice. towards everything, anything, and..ouh whatever. You know why? because it'll limit your creativity and it's totally not good. I told you. If people say that you're bitch, just let it be. If that 'nick' can give you lotsa excitement that actually not a bad thing, just let the barking dogs bark. It just a matter of jealousy. Don't think about others, you have yourself and it's more than enough.

They don't know about you, they don't know about the things you do, and they even don't have the idea on what you're able to do. So, don't give a damn on what they're saying about. It's your life, and it's your right what path you want to walk on. What you have to do is just stand casually and spit on their hair because spit on their face are to rude. We can't be that rude since we're bitch. LOL

At the end of the day, you'll thank yourself for being yourself. And you'll appreciate yourself more than today. No regret after all. So, don't complain on your workload. It's your responsibility as a little adorable girl. Just do it. Trust me, because I don't really good in lying myself.

your soul,

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