Tuesday, 5 March 2013

A Lame Tale.

Promise is a promise.

I have made a promise to myself that I’m not going to have a kind of special feeling towards someone at my college. You have to stand still on your own decision, it’s a promise. You can’t break it since it will ruin your future, your plan.

Yes, he is cute. He is good. He is not bad, good looking lah jugak. But, unfortunately you have made a promise to yourself that you’re not going to fall for someone over again. don’t break your promise and concentrate on your cgpa.

Few months more to go. Appreciate every each minutes there and look up for your aim. You got friends and you got me, your own, to rely on.

There’s a guy named blah blah, I think it’s called ‘crush’. Again Tyra? Such a bandage. Geez! Stop being you for a moment boleh tak? Kiri kanan kau suka. Syns Gates nak letak mana? Sigh.

That guy from college is juicily segak. Just put him in a crush list, jangan letak dalam wish list okay.

How about that one guy from Dubai? Such a smartass idiot. Cakap pasal Syns Gates teringat kat dia nie. He’s hot actually since he got a face exactly like Synyster Gates. Serious talk! It looks alike but not so similar as Syns Gates much hotter. His name is kind of unique. I thought he was Christian before, fortunately he is a Muslim. LOL

Ed at the left, while Syns at the right.❤ 
Ubaid Farooqui, his nick is Ed. Yes, this is the one yang selalu meniti di TL twitter aku. Ed itu Ed ini. Maybe some of them might say that this Ed is my special somebody, but he’s not darls. He’s only my super lame idiot. Hahah. Stfu!

And i have given a statement to Ed before on this:

"Boys are nothing rather than my study."

so put in your mind that, please don't break your promise because of this love matter. few months left Tyra. Chill dulu, kawan dulu. 

What more? See this photo..

That Moment❤

Do you know who is this? This is Adam Adli. Yes, I met him few days before. I just can't standing like a stupid there, so I grab that opportunity to have some photos with him. At least I have something to keep as my memory in meeting him. Thanks for coming at my place. It's precious!

His hair is longer than before, soooo long. This is his photo from before. I take it from the internet. 

Me is attracted to this tweet from my twitter buddy. 

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