Friday, 4 January 2013

Me, text and register day.

it was 1:05 in the early mornight when i got a text from my girlfriend, zaty, saying that mista capital A asked me to get my stuffs that i left with him for so damn long time ago. it's not that i don't want to have them back, i want them back of course. the problem is i want him to give all of them to my girlfriend, zaty of course. it's not about i can't confront with this guy named A**, but it's the matter of where and how i could contact him. even your phone number pun i never know since you've changed it to a new one. for sure you changed it lah kan since you need some privacy. and i really less care about it. you want to change it, i don't care at ALL. tapi when this thingy happened, when i asked some help from my girlfriend to get my stuffs from you ..naahhh, you should help me out lah. ehh maybe i should change 'me' to 'her' since the one who asked you to have them back was zaty not me. so can't you just help her out? don't you?

i read the text on 6:27AM and i was like "jadahnya A** nie, nak aku jugak mintak sendiri." dengan mata berat sangat aku tengok jam. what the asdfghjkl; ♥, yes, i did say that i want to wake up on 6:45AM. but it was too much. 6:27 early in the morning, and i was terjaga! it's okay to wake on that time actually. boleh lah berjaga jaga so tak lambat nanti nak gi register kat hall. the best part was i can't go to sleep ..again. i was thinking about the text. it was so annoying. it's not about zaty, but it's all about the content. is it a big problem to give them to zaty jer. aku sendiri tak paham. but, i do respect the request made by him. i want no any problem, so i think it's not a big deal pun kalau aku mintak sendiri. i'll inbox you on facebook since it's the only place that i can get connected to pun kan. tak ada apa hal lah.

2013, buka buku baru, buku 2012 dah penuh. jahanam.
so it is the day, 4th January a new year of 2013! first of all i would like lah to say Selamat Tahun Masihi Baru. wish for the best untuk this very own year. i've said that i want to get awake early in the morning today right. it's not about i want, it's about i need to. it's all about the college matter which has begun already. it was subjects registration day this morning, so i need to get my feet early on the floor of the hall. nak berebut class lah katakan. bila awal kira dapat queue up kat the very front of the door. so once they open the door, we who in the first line of people nie boleh lah berambat mara kedepan without any hesitation. kalau kat belakang kan macam kinda hard to have the best chosen class with the best chosen lecturers.

7:27AM. i'm kinda amazed with myself just because it was too early in the morning and i'm already get ready to go out. i couldn't see any sun's shadow, but fortunately i could see the 'nur' that have been shared by it. haha, ayat m. shadows much. LOL. you guess what i've been thinking all the way hall. haaa, aku ingat aku lah orang yang paling awal pegi, 7:27pagi kata. my confident level was soooo height. sekali kalih mata kat pintu belakang. woah, it surprised me that i've put my confident too height up up above. there's so many people kat situ dah. not so many actually, yet still many. what can i say more. first line? uhh ohh, you can get into if only you're a Barbie. unfortunately, you're only an adorable monster. so, i've just make myself fit enough in the third line. and it was so awkward to stood up all the time sampai masa register tiba. few minutes more ..few minutes ..just few minutes ..i keep repeating the same words all the time.

i just don't like the people there. i was wondering can't they just shut up, or at least speak in a lower voices. they should have some manner. it made me headache. every each of them got different story! and i was like "perlu ke nak story kat sini jugak benda benda macam tu". propaganza jer semua. tapi takde lah aku say it all aloud, kata dalam hati jer. hahah, ingat aku berani sangat. lagipun, nanti jadi masalah gaduh kat hall backdoor pulak kan. once jadi macam tu, get ready to say bye-bye to 4C class lah kiranya. naya jer. and i was there waiting, queue up for a place in 4C class. *sabar*

8:50AM and the door was opened such for a long time! guess what. ganas gila. the students dah macam merusuh masuk hall. and what was so funny that shocked me, kasut melayang. hahah. i got no time to think who the hell was the shoes owned by. and i got no time to see clearly the characteristics of it. the texture? lagi lah. i left it behind, but it was really hilarious. i ran and i saw nanad was there be the first person in the line. and i was stopped immediately from running since i knew i looked so awful when run. tadaaa! it was 4C's line and i was there. i'm kinda disappointed when i can't fitted myself in the line. it's full of other students ..and i was acah acah drama sedih sebab tak dapat masuk line. dan pada masa tu lah, ecan pulled me into the line. woah, it was so cruel to others i thought. yet still so grateful sebab stick with the old classmates. credit to ecan. and of course dear my girlfriend, nanad sebab tuliskan nama dalam name list. *joget joget*

we got new class members too, hope to hear a good new soon. wish we could adapt towards each other lah. some of the students were not puas hati sangat sebab tak dapat class yang dorang nak. for me, it's all fate. it was fated by Allah. we just can plan, but we've no power to make sure that what we planned we'll get. we can't. me myself have experienced it. it was last semester when i couldn't get the class that i desire much. the real term is 'we' instead of 'i' since the plan was arranged by all of us nak class tu. plan punya plan tak dapat. so, this sem in a new year of 2013, i'm just being cool and keep chilling on the night before the reg day since i don't want the same thing happen again. i just follow what my friends insist me to do so. i even didn't see at the timetable arrangement. i just get my pen on the table and wrote down all the lecturers name for the 4C class which prepared by faliq on the form given by sir aliff the day before. i hope it was the best path to walk on. and it is.

untuk tahun hebat ini, keju!
from now on, i'm one of the members of 4C's class. i didn't put any big hope on getting this class. i'm flexible, every class got their own good sides. and i start believe that when we expect less, we can get more than what we expected. insyaAllah. ohh, and i'm very thankful to Allah since i never expect that my pointer for the last semester would be increased. for the whole months of my holidays, i'm expected that my pointer could decrease because my carrymarks were very low. and it didn't surprise me at all if my pointer is sooo low for this semester. but, it really surprising me a lot on the day i stood up in front of my mentor, sir aliff, the result was amazed me. it's not so height yet still make me soooo happy. and i was saying dalam hati "two more semester and one year to do very well in studies sebelum further tempat lain!" tak sabar nak say bye-bye to kuantan. should i prepare a farewell speech for kuantan? hahah.

p/s: regretfully apologize to my classmate, Fateh for some reason on today reg day. it's all our fault, not yours. *tunduk*


  1. harharhar....kasut melayang..ffuuuu~

    yang lain2 tu, taktau nak komen apa. nak komen tapi taktau. tapi nak komen..hihi..just setuju dgn semua..tambah2 yang bukak buku baru dgn yang p/s. btw, congrats tiwaa!! sem ni usaha lagi :D

    1. hahah, ohh baru teringat tak mention sape punya tadi LOL ..!
      btw thanks for the congrats wish. you too, congrats! :)

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