Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The best sperm won 20 years ago.

adorable part of sperm become something that is awesome.

“I am who I am today because of the choices I made yesterday”
-Eleanor Roosevelt

Yes it is! I made choices 20 years ago; I made a choice to become a winner. I made a choice to not die as a sperm. I was an awesome sperm that brave and very energetic swam along the fallopian tube and finally reached the ovum. I was the one who won that battle. It was not an easy task to penetrate the egg, but I succeed. That is what we call superb! Today, I am a human being. Not a little adorable sperm anymore. My tongue is boneless, but it is strong enough to kill people’s words. I get the feeling. This is me, Nor Athirah Ismail. I am 20 years young this year, I meant 20 years old. I think we should use ‘young’ instead of ‘old’ since I am not too old. I got a lot of things about me to share. Let’s know me better, but from where to start? Read more.

First of all, credit to my parents for such a lovely name they gave to me. Wait a minute, it was my uncle actually whose gave me that name. It was a blast day ever; a little adorable girl was born on 20th June of 1993. A year later, I got a little bratty brother named Izzuddin called as Udin. It such a wonderful moment since I got a friend to play with. Few years later, from one to another sperm won in penetration battles. They are Ain, Aina, and Izwan. Finally, I have five siblings including me. It is awesome! Every each of us is champion. Done with siblings, we move to school. It was the place where I learn how to make friends with other winning sperms. I was a student of Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Simpang Beluru before I submitted into this college. Some people might ask me back, “what? Is it ‘peluru’(bullet)?”. No, it is not. My school’s name is not that savage. It is not a Hogwart which educate little children becoming witches and wizards; it is only a government school. How about my SPM result? Well I am not so good. 4A2B4C, that’s all I got. Yet, I am thankful to Allah since I was just got 4A’s for SPM because if I get more than that I will never had a chance to be here in this college. I might be at somewhere else. Kolej Professional Mara Indera Mahkota, it is my current study place. I have improved a lot here, thanks to lecturers. I learnt not to be afraid of making mistake since from mistake we can improve ourselves. I met a lot of fun people here. Sometimes, I talk to myself “No wonder he or she won 20 years ago.”

My journey is not done yet. I have a dream to make it alive. The dream sound funny, but I put a belief in my mind that I can have it in future. You must be curious on what I am dreaming of. I want to be a pilot. Some of you might say that it is a ridiculous dream since I am doing Diploma in English Communication. Here, I want you to listen on my life plan. Once I finished my diploma, if I get 3.5 and above for my CGPA I will apply for a place in somewhere in Australia universities. I say if I get it since it is my dream to be there and become one of the members of some universities there. It is my first plan route. The second route is the backup plan if I get 3.49 and below, I will apply for a place in Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang. I am going to apply Mass Communication there since I like to speak and in my opinion it will give me a wider scope of job. This is the plan actually; I am going to work and have my own salary. Work is the main thing, studies is my second one (the plan will be different if I studying abroad for sure). In other word is I am going to make a part time study for my degree. I will work during weekdays and attend class during weekend. It sounds so tiresome, yes I know it. The salary will be divided into two parts, studies and licence. What licence? You really do not get the idea yet? It is for my airplane licence. You got it right, I am absolutely insane. The fee for taking that licence is not that cheap. I have to spend RM250 000-RM300 000 to have one. I just want to make my dream become a real one. I got few years left or it will forever disappear since the age for applying a pilot is 28 years old and below. I will try to do as best as I can. Yet, it sounds impossible to have that such of money in a short time. It is okay, I have the third route that is when the money is not in an exact amount. If my degree has finished but my money still not enough for the licence, I am going to put a full-stop to my dearest dream. I am not done yet people. On that day, I will not lost or waste my time. I will be a lucky one since I will have work experiences, degree, and some amount of money. Then, I will apply for a job in any airport that needs my expertise. I will be one of the officers there instead of pilot. Yet still in a surrounding of airport and no one ever knows that I will find my future husband there. He might be a pilot, no one knows right. This is my future plan, it is my mission. My plan is my aim. I am a good planner is it? Sometimes, I am jealous of my parents because I know I will never have a kid as awesome as me. I do believe that I make a right decision 20 years ago to become a winner and not die as a sperm.


submitted. YEAY!

this is my essay writing for my subject. the language was so..mintak kaki. hahah. but wait, it's my real future plan and my real history. it's a bless to share here. *sengeh*

essay writer,
tyra ismail (4C)