Thursday, 21 February 2013

That one day.

that one shitty smelly day! aku nyaris nyaris kena extend sem. with unintended behavior, me with my two insane buddies keep spitting out all the words on that stupid twitter. some words that have offended someone dear to me. she's the one and only. the adorable one.

i just can't understand on why that particular girl named titties (fake name), interfered with our social life. this is my space to voice out. sedar diri dulu bila nak sibuk masuk campur hal aku. aku taknak cari pasal dah. like please! we got a lot of assignments to be done rather than hold a hoe and start digging others private properties. like deeply deeper.

your name is at the top of the list whore. keep it in your mind!
this is college. enjoy your moment. care of your own thingy, that is your carry marks and final paper. just please, i never touched you...before. and today, i swear on my own name i won't disturb you...and your clan. no doubt, trust me. you can keep my words since i'm not good in lying. like seriously.

one thing to remind you. i don't hate you bitcha, yet still don't like you much. i'm kinda don't even care with your existence actually. neither you are here nor not, it's not my problem. it'll never ruin or affect my daysssss. this is my blog, don't ever think to touch it like what you've done to my twitter acc. you just did too much!

thanks for your care, as i promise before i'll never touch you aite. like hello, i'm kinda gelimat nak pandang kau inikan pulak nak sentuh. you with your ass may godai. butthurt? do i look like i care? pffftttt, talk to my clitoris!

private and confidential,
Oat Germ.

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